Primates are our closest relatives, and maybe that’s why we have such a close affinity with them, yet most of us know very little about them. With one of our primate & monkey keeper days out though, you will get the chance to learn so much more, and get a close up view of these very cute cousins!

£149 (1 person)

Shadow a Monkey Keeper Experience

The fine print for this activity says, “the animals are likely to climb all over you”, how totally awesome is that?! With a monkey keeper as your guide as you learn to care for gibbons, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, apes, lemurs & tamrins.

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£149.99 (2 people)

Meet & Feed the Lemurs Experience

This will bring a smile to your face, and why not share the fun and bring a friend? Lemurs are part of the primate family, (although technically not monkeys), and on this experience you get to meet and feed these friendly little fellows!

£99.99 (1 person)

Meet & Feed the Lemurs Experience

On this super fun experience, where you get to meet and feed the gorgeous ring tailed lemurs at Paradise Wildlife Park, be prepared for close contact, because these friendly little guys like to climb all over you when presented with food!