If you love all things aquatic then a Keeper For a Day experience at a Sea Park should most definitely be on your wish list! These experiences give you a unique behind the scenes look at what it is like to look after the animals, prepare their food, feed them, get up close and personal, and so much more.

£130 (1 person)

Keeper at Sea Life Brighton for One

The ultimate backstage experience, get a unique insight into the life of a sea park keeper. With animal feeding and other activities any fan of sea creatures will be in their element!


More aquarium and ocean animal experiences that you might like…

£60 (1 person)

Sea Trek Experience Manchester

Ever wanted to walk under water but was a bit nervous about the whole breathing thing? With Sea Life’s ‘Breathe Easy’ helmet you can breathe normally whilst getting up close and personal with your favourite aquatic animals!

£120 (2 people)

Sea Trek Experience for Two

Now you and a friend can share an amazing underwater adventure together, surrounded by all sorts of aquatic creatures, and not need any previous diving experience. Europe’s first sea bed walk is an unforgettable experience!

£75 (1 person)

Penguin Feeding Experience

Do you know someone who is a fan of Happy Feet? They will simply love this Drusillas Park experience! Get a behind the scenes tour, feed the penguins and then take lots of close up photos as the little guys waddle about!

£100 (2 people)

Snorkel and Meet Sharks For Two

An exhilarating and thrilling experience for two people at SEA LIFE Blackpool. For approximately 30 minutes snorkel and swim in their tropical shark display and then receive a behind the scenes tour.

£518 (2 people)

Scuba Diving with Sharks

Share an adrenaline rush! Both the novices and experienced are welcome as training will be provided, but once everyone is ready to dive then its game on, as you get the chance to come face to face with sharks of all types!

£218 (1 person)

Scuba Diving with Sharks

What a thrilling day! First you receive an hour or two of scuba training, next practice in a swimming pool and then finally you get to dive with the sharks! Choose from two locations, Cheshire & Fife.