Knowsley Animal Encounters



Knowsley Animal Encounters

Located in the Knowsley area of Merseyside on 450 acres of land that is home to 700 exotic animals, Knowsley Safari Park is a great place to visit if you want to see wildlife such as elephants, rhinos, zebras, lions, tigers, monkeys or even sea lions. Most visitors to the park, simply drive through to see the sights, but if you want something just a little bit more exciting then Knowsley’s animal encounter experiences, where you get to shadow a zoo keeper is just what you are looking for:

£149 (2.5hrs - 1 person)

Animal Encounter At Knowsley Safari Park

This is a shorter zoo keeper experience (2.5hrs) than what is usually offered at other zoos, but the great thing about it is that it allows you to specialise your keeping skills with one of your favourite animals. What will you choose? Elephants, Rhinos or the Predators!?

Other Knowsley Safari Park experiences…


Safari Park Photography Day

Enjoy a super seven hour day of fun-filled photography with some of the most exciting photographic subjects ever! Get tutored by your experienced guides as you tour the park & go on safari with your camera!


Giraffe Encounter at Knowsley Safari Park

Hang out with the giraffe experts at Knowsley Safari Park! This experience will see you getting up close to the gorgeous long necked beasts (with the help of a viewing platform!) and you will also learn so much!


Meerkat Encounter at Knowsley Safari Park

If you love all things cute and furry then you will love this meerkat encounter experience! Learn all about these inquisitive and quirky little guys, help feed them and even hang out in their enclosure with them!

About Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park is set on 450 acres in the Knowsley area of Merseyside. It grew up around the Knowsley Estate and Knowsley Hall the ancestral properties of the Earl of Derbyshire, and was indeed founded by the 18th Earl. It has a 5 mile safari track for visitors to drive along and see the various animals on site, as if they were in their natural habitats, but also has a small railway on which visitors to the park can also choose to travel to see the park.


Knowsley Safari Park is home to approximately 700 exotic animals sourced from all around the world, including elephants, rhinos, giraffes, meerkats, monkeys, big cats, sea lions and so much more! Not only does it boast this amazing array of furry friends but it also is host to amusement rides for young and old and provides fun activities such as paintballing, rope walks and off road driving challenges.


A day at Knowsley Park is definitely going to be a fun one! And on a serious side, its great to know that they are also very involved in conservation and care efforts for endangered species.

Where Is Knowsley Safari Park?

The safari park is situated in the Knowsley area of Merseyside, England. It can be reached by car via the motorway. From M62, take the junction 6 exit, then from the M57 take the exit at junction 2. If you use a Sat Nav enter the post code  L34 4AN.

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Knowsley Zoo Keeper