Flamingo Land Zoo Keeper Experience



Flamingo Land Zoo Keeper Experience

The Flamingo Land zoo, resort and amusement park are set in North Yorkshire and it’s zoo is the most visited in the UK. It has over 120 species of animals including hippos, rhinos, camels, giraffes, kangaroos, lions, tigers, sea lions, penguins primates, reptiles, exotic birds and more. Because of this great variety, it’s ‘Zoo Keeper For a Day’ experience should not be missed!

£175 (1 person)

Zoo Keeper For a Day at Flamingo Land Zoo

Flamingo Land Zoo has some of the most exciting animal exhibits out there. It also has an onsite theme park, so after your zoo keeper experience with wild animals why not try the wild rides? An unbeatable day out!

Other Flamingo Land Zoo experiences…

£114 (2 people)

Animal Encounter For Two

If you and a friend are looking for a super fun day out, then look no further! Rather than just an ordinary zoo visit this experience lets you get up close and personal with your favourite animals. Choose between a Lemur, Penguin or Meerkat encounter.

£57 (1 person)

Animal Encounter For One

Want to make that ordinary zoo visit just a little bit more special? Visit Flamingo Land Zoo but take things to the next level by getting in an animal enclosure and having an up close and personal experience! Choose between a Lemur, Penguin or Meerkat encounter.

About Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land Zoo is the UK’s most visited zoo & there is good reason for that! It has over 140 species of animals, including some fan favourites, like giraffes, lions, tigers, monkeys and the list goes on! And whilst it prides itself in being home to rare and exotic animals it also has farm animals, birds & reptiles. Although originally established in 1959, the park has moved with the times, and as you would expect from a modern zoo, works hard to create enclosures that mimic the animals’ homes in the wild and has a strong background in supporting welfare & conservation issues.


Flamingo Land has a theme park and resort on site. It is set on 375 acres, it has over 1000 animals, 100 rides, accommodation options, numerous food and drink outlets and daily performances and events to entertain.  As their slogan states, at Flamingo Land Zoo there is ‘so much to discover, even more to enjoy’!

Where Is Flamingo Land?

Flamingo Land Resort, Theme Park and Zoo is located on the east coast in North Yorkshire. There are numerous ways to get there as you can reach it by car, train or bus. If going by train suits you, the local train station is at Malton. If you wish to travel by bus the National Express drops off and picks up in York and the Yorskhire Coastliner that drops off at Flamingo Land is available from York railway station. By car, Flamingo Land can be reached via the A64/A170 and is situated off the A169 Malton to Pickering Road.

Animal Encounters Flamingo Land Zoo
Animal Encounters Flamingo Land Zoo
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